Smart Data
and AI Village

Registration is already open!
From Friday, May 10th 2019
to Sunday, May 12th 2019
Epitech Strasbourg
The smart data village offers 48 hours to discover Data Science. Feel free to contact us if you’re willing to help and join the team! To get you started, you can check the best projects of the 2018 edition.


The data world is currently booming, with the rise of new terms and techniques such as “Big Data”, “Machine Learning”, “Deep Learning” and “Artificial Intelligence”. For all of those who are interested in these fields, we are offering a Data Trek which takes you through different paths involving data, as well as a day dedicated to conferences, workshops and networking.

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Data Trek

The heart of the village! A 48-hour hackathon to develop innovative projects

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Data and AI [stakeholders] will be here to present the various aspects and tools of the field

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Meet passionate, curious people, students, recruiters, etc. Bring your demos in Machine Learning and AI!

The Data Trek,
a learning path around a data related project

A 48-hour experience to work with a team on four possible (but not mandatory) tracks, representing different points of view on data.

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Work on Data projects proposed by the event’s partners

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Open Data

Data citizen at heart? Use Open Data for a free, socially aware project

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From Kaggle to Analytics Vidhya, tackle world competition in machine learning

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Develop your entrepreneurial ideas around data. No technical prototypes – it’s all about the business plan

To each his profile!

What type of Data Trekker are you?

The Project’s Holder

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The one who comes with his own data, depending on the challenge he has chosen, and who wants to build a team around this data.

The Participant

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Whoever wants to join a team but does not offer data in particular.

Data Trek,
how does it work?

Entry fee, register beforehand


The different challenges are presented to the participants, and the teams are built around the project leaders.


Each team uses collective intelligence and federated knowledge to take on the challenge. Meetings with coaches will be organized to help the teams. Team can also attend conferences and workshops on techniques, methods and tools related to Data science.


The teams defend their solution in front of the public and a jury of professionals. Prizes will be given to the best projects.

The Village,
an open space for personal and professional exchange

Free entrance
Limited seating

The Smart Data and AI Village is not reserved exclusively for the Data Trek participants. Our wish is for every one with an interest in Data Science to thrive. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for personal or professional growth, both, or just want to spend a nice time in the Data world, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the Village.
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Conferences / Workshops

Come and attend conferences and workshops on techniques, methods and tools related to Data science. Entry is free of charge!

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Eager to make a change in your career? Companies that sponsor the event are recruiting in the IT and Data fields! Seize the opportunity to meet with local businesses. Join the speed dating on Saturday afternoon and build a new career path.

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Indulge yourself with some drinks and snacks at the Café. A perfect place to meet and connect with data enthusiasts, data trekkers, experts or local businesses in data related fields.

On-site Experts

Manuel Simoes
Scientific Director, CPC-Analytics
Member of La Fabrique
Olivier Catherin
CEO, co-founder Actinvision
Lecturer / Workshop leader
Myriam Maumy-Bertrand
IRMA, Université Strasbourg
Jury Compétitions
Raphaël da Silva
Data journalist
Patrice Wira
University lecturer, IRIMAS, UHA, Mulhouse
Coach / Lecturer
Alain Gély
Metz IUT
Rita Giordano
Data Scientist R-Ladies
Coach / Conférencier

Platinum Sponsors

Training center Partners

Corporate Partners


What should I bring to the event?

A laptop is your essential tool. We are providing plugs, lights, tables, paperboard and wifi. The price of the Data Trek includes meals (from Friday night to Sunday at 4 pm), which are taken care of by the Data Bar.
A thought on what you can bring to your team, and what you want to get from the event.
A good mood, and the will to work in a team.
For those of you who want to sleep there, a mattress and a pillow!

Who are the members of the organizing team?

The event is organized by individuals who are passionate about data and its usage, and who are invested in this field both professionally and in associations.

Which skills do the participants need for the Data Trek?

Some data oriented skills are put forward in this event: data analysts, data scientists, etc. However, data projects are inherently interdisciplinary, and skills and knowledge from all fields are welcome in order to promote creativity, and make sure that the project runs smoothly.

Who is it for?

Anyone can register for the, no matter what their skills are: developer, designer, businessperson, data scientist, data analyst, etc.

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Contact info

+33 (0)6 85 92 15 37


May, 10th to May, 12th


Epitech Strasbourg
4 rue du Dôme
67000 Strasbourg